Whether you're merely visiting our site or joining us for worship, we're glad to welcome you! Our joy is making God known and helping others grow in relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ. If you're searching for a church home, or simply want to learn more about Grace Bible Fellowship, we trust these pages will prove helpful.

What's Up at Grace?

February 25 Sunday School with Missionary Karl Peterson  9:00AM

Worship Service   10:00AM
"The Exclusive Name of Jesus"
Acts 4:1-12
Pastor Tyler Sultze

Missionary Update:
Karl Peterson

Fellowship Meal
February 27 Ladies' Evening Bible Study   6:30PM
February 28 Wednesday Prayer Fellowship 6:30PM

Kids in Outreach   6:30PM
March  1 Ladies' Morning Bible Study  9:15AM
March 4 Sunday School  9:00AM

Worship Service & Lord's Table  10:00AM
Pastor Tyler Sultze

"Fellowship in Ministry" 2:00-4:00PM
March 5 "Fellowship in Ministry" noon-2:30PM
March 6 Ladies' Evening Bible Study   6:30PM


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