Current Sermon Series:

Unto Us A Son Is Given

Emptiness.  Darkness.  Nothingness.  What good can come from these things?  How can these things be overcome?  Christmas is a time when many people try to fill the emptiness.  It is a time when they try to eradicate the darkness with light.  It is a time when they try to turn the meaninglessness they feel in their lives into something.  It is a time when they try to create a spark of life.  Man’s efforts in all these endeavors ultimately fail.  The result is that people are in the same quandary after Christmas as they were before.  All of the excitement, all of the hope, all of the anticipation, all of the happiness was only for a moment.  But, what if there was someone who could fill the emptiness?  Someone who could remove the darkness?  Someone who could turn the nothingness into something?  Someone who could give life where there was no life?  And someone who could do all these things in such a way that it would last?  How wonderful would that be?  And it is wonderful because that is precisely what Christmas is all about.  Join us this Advent season as we journey through God’s Word to see God give life where there is no life as the magnificent story unfolds to proclaim, “Unto Us a Son is Given!”